Play as Wernie - a pathetic, miserable, cretin of a boy who steals the Super Positioner, a piece of quantum technology from Professor Plank. This tech allows the user to be in two places at once, but only occupy one physical position.

Professor Plank is foul tempered at the best of times, and is very easy to bug. His laboratory is surprisingly big and for some reason uses bottomless pits in his research.

Wernie is what some people might describe as 'two wheels short of a bicycle'. He tries anything to impress his crush, Fiona, even breaking into a laboratory and stealing a piece of experimental tech. Let's hope Fiona can appreciate the intricacies of quantum mechanics.

The game takes inspiration from pop culture, and uses a 16 bit art style, with a good measure of crass humour to create a game with unique character.

Install instructions

Download the zipped game files. Uncompress and run Game.exe


Wernie's Big 42 MB

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